Lots of little chats

little chat

Once you notice the first one you see them everywhere.

Lots of little chats.

A small figure and a bigger one walking – seemingly aimlessly- around the campus gardens.

A child and an adult sitting side by side on the bench outside the Humanities Block.

A boy sitting next to the Vice Principal in an empty assembly hall.

Lots of little chats.

It’s our most vulnerable pupils, the hardest to reach, those who’ve in the past have been sometimes outrageously rude to the adult now sitting and talking to them.

They aren’t being rude now. Their eyes flick between the adult and the floor. They are listening.

“Are you OK? How are things at home? Will you come to school? Who will you go to if things go wrong? What are you worried about?”

Mumbled replies, whispers. A tear every now and again.

Nobody had ordered these little chats. There has been no edict. This is in nobody’s job description. It’s what happens when stability and systems begin to unspool and what’s left is quiet, strong love. Two humans who love each other, one big, one small.

Lots of little chats.


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