Dear Y11

see you later

Dear Year 11.

As you know from tomorrow school will close, and your exams have been cancelled.

This is a very great injustice and not something anybody ever thought would happen.

You have been robbed. You have been robbed of certainty and of the opportunity to demonstrate how much you know and can do.

We know how hard you worked and how well you would have done. It is unfair. You have been robbed of lovely end of term rituals, of shirt signing and prom in June, and of the parties we know you have but don’t tell us about. This is hard.

Everything has changed.

You are probably very worried. You are probably anxious about what will happen next year and where you will study, or what you will do.

This is all to be expected.

But at the same time nothing is different.

What you know today is still what you knew yesterday. What you could do yesterday is still what you can do today. You can still do equations. You can still write essays. You can still perform moving drama, paint beautiful pictures, take inspiring photographs and cook delicious meals. You still know the reasons for the fall of the Weimar Republic. You still know the stages of the Demographic Transition Model. You still have opinions on Gerald from Inspector Calls.

You are the same people you always were.

Not a hair on your head has changed.

All exams are is a way of measuring what you know. Some people think this measure is flawed anyway. As a result of this virus the way you will be measured will be different, but a new way of measuring will be developed.

We don’t know what that is yet but there will be one. Your teachers, every adult in this building and those not here because they can’t be, has your back.

We will do all we can to make sure you end up in the right places doing the right things. You are our children. You are our family. You always were. Nothing has changed.

There will be some who sneer at you. There are always those who sneer at young people. They will say you will waste your time playing computer games and scrolling social media. They will say you will be irresponsible. We know you so we know this won’t be true. We know you will be a generation that appears in history books as one that shouldered this and exceeded all expectations.

As hard as it is I would ask you to look to others too. Remember that although the burden of this is heavy on your backs, there are others who are even more despondent – the elderly, those who have to isolate themselves for months.  You will feel better if you find ways to help them.

Nobody with any wisdom ever said life is easy but that’s just fine because you are all up to meeting its challenges.

You will hear from us. When you walk out of the school gates tomorrow you will not disappear from our lives. We will be in communication with you, telling you what you need to do and making sure you do it. We already have ideas.

And we will do all we can to make sure when the time is right we give you the chance to do some of the nice things you won’t get to do at the moment.

We know this is important to you so it is important to us too.

See you later.

Not goodbye.

See you later.


3 thoughts on “Dear Y11

  1. Abigail says:

    Stumbled across this looking for inspiration for an online teaching component for a teachfirst assessment. What a testament to you, your team and your students, and all of those (us) who’ve had our lives shaken up a bit recently. Thankyou ❤


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