We’re hiring! Assistant Principal needed at TNA.


We are so excited! We’ve recently heard that in September we have approximately two hundred Year 7 children arriving at the Nuneaton Academy. We’re growing so fast we’re going to be opening more classrooms and have already expanded our curriculum by, amongst making load of other changes, appointing a music teacher for next year – bring on our new school song and all of us belting it out together in assemblies!

The improving reputation of the school in the local area and national education community is already providing us with big fields for the all the jobs we advertise. It’s no surprise. We have a simple, no nonsense approach to learning and behaviour based on TLAC strategies, and centralised detentions are run by tireless and dedicated pastoral staff. We don’t expect non SLT to enter data, have a feedback not marking policy, and give loads of time for departmental CPD. There are visualisers in every classroom with centrally produced curriculum (that we’re so, so proud of) and resources to put under them. We respect our teachers and empower them to be experts who lead from the front, with our most important professional expectation being continually working on improving subject knowledge to make our subjects sing louder and more beautifully.

The children in our school are wonderful and so we tell them we love them a lot. It’s a real school and, of course, there are a few pupils in each year who need extra attention and support to meet our unashamedly high expectations. These are supported by a warm-strict (TLAC again!) culture, mentoring, counselling and an already wildly successful Direct Instruction programme for those who have so far struggled to access our curriculum because of difficulties with literacy and numeracy.

Our teachers are great too. Caring, expert and multi-talented. Just a couple of days ago I was reminded of this when I walked into reception to find our wonderful art and RE teacher playing classical guitar to children waiting for taxis  to take them home.

And we’re hiring!

Here, you’ll find all the information you’ll need to apply for the role of Assistant Principal at the Nuneaton Academy. You’d be joining a small team of four SLT who meet together almost every day. We drink a lot of tea on the move – as everyone in our wonderful MAT seems to – and spend most of our working days walking our school. We drop in lessons all the time, supporting teachers, encouraging pupils and even getting on with work on our laptops if it looks like the teacher might want us to. We are always on our radios, with each other and to everyone else in the school, from pastoral leaders, to our kitchen team, to our site manager (who happens to be a published author). We remind ourselves regularly that we are the kicking legs of the swimming swan, and that our most important job is to provide a climate in which our wonderful teachers can teach, and in which our wonderful pupils can learn, whether that means having a rethink about the behaviour system, a revision of curriculum or picking up litter from a bin that’s blown over on a windy day.

We muck in and we work hard. No job is beneath us. If something needs to be done and we’re there on the spot to do it, we just get on and get it done.

If this sounds like the sort of work you like doing and the sort of place you like doing it in, you should apply right now.

If all this hasn’t convinced you yet, then perhaps a little about the area will. We’re close to the centre of Nuneaton, the home of George Eliot, a proud industrial town with a connection with the Ghurkas and a wonderful Nepalese restaurant in the centre that proves it. We’re well within commuting distance to Coventry, Leicester, Rugby and even some areas of Birmingham. The bright lights of London are only an hour away by train. If cities aren’t your thing then there are countless beautiful small villages close by, which means your commute – as mine is – can very easily be past green fields full of sheep and cows, and past farm shops full of local produce. It is a joy to watch the seasons change as I drive to work.

The only downside is you would have to work every day with me. And given this job is a dream come true for me I won’t be going anywhere. Sorry.

Ring us. Email us. Tweet us. Arrange a tour. Honestly, this is such a huge opportunity.

(I wrote about The Nuneaton Academy long before I was appointed. Those interested can find this post here)

(For how I felt just after joining the MAT have a look here)


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